Thomas Leatherbarrow with Loch Duart team

Chef Thomas Leatherbarrow meets Loch Duart Salmon team


British Culinary Federation’s Hospitality Professional 2023 explores low impact farming

Loch Duart has always welcomed chefs and champions of high quality Scottish produce, regularly hosting visits where guests can experience their low impact farming approaches for themselves.

Thomas Leatherbarrow, British Culinary Federation’s Hospitality Professional of the Year 2023, and a champion of Loch Duart Salmon, visited our mainland home at Badcall Bay to meet the amazing team who raise our salmon. He found out about the low impact farming, the exceptional care and husbandry we bring to raising our salmon. Thomas also went on site to hear about our bespoke BioMar, Blue Impact feed which has further improved the health, taste and quality of our unrivalled Scottish salmon.

As well as diving into his love for our salmon Thomas is bringing his experience of working at top Michelin-starred restaurants to craft some delicious Loch Duart #Salmon creations. Chef Thomas Leatherbarrow said about his visit:

“I’d like to thank the team for inviting me to learn more about my absolute favourite salmon brand, Loch Duart. I’ve been cooking with Loch Duart Salmon for years and wanted to know what makes their salmon taste so much better than all the others.”

Thomas asked Operations Director Hazel Wade, about Loch Duart’s low impact farming:

“Badcall Salmon House is where Loch Duart began in the late 1990s, created by a small team.” explained Hazel. “We remain a small team who have some unique ways of farming salmon.”

Hazel also showed Thomas the exceptional husbandry and care that Loch Duart provide for their salmon. Thomas then visited one of Loch Duart’s Sutherland sites with Manager Paul Nelson to discover why our salmon are unrivalled in taste and quality. Paul said:

“Loch Duart is all about raising the best tasting salmon and that starts with the feed. We give our fish what they want to be fed, a diet that’s high in marine content that replicates what they get fed in the wild. The feed meets all their nutritional needs and because it’s close to their natural diet, it keeps them fit and healthy. We regularly test our salmon and find that Loch Duart can have up to double the Omega-3 of standard supermarket salmon.”

Chef Thomas Leatherbarrow reflected on his visit to meet the Loch Duart team:

“I feel very fortunate to have been invited to the North West Highlands of Scotland to learn about the farm and to meet their amazing team. I’ve been cooking with Loch Duart Salmon for years and the flavour profile is just unlike anything else. This visit has helped me understand why. I found out that not only is Loch Duart Salmon, by far, a much healthier product to buy, its diet and bespoke feed mean it really is unrivalled tasting salmon.”

Look out for a series of Chef Thomas Leatherbarrow’s tasty Loch Duart salmon recipes including how he makes salmon canapé and sashimi.