Loch Duart farm worker feeding salmon

Loch Duart Salmon pioneers sustainability and health advancements with BioMar’s innovative Blue Impact feed.

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Loch Duart has furthered their commitment to raising the best-tasting salmon with the lowest possible impact on the environment by switching to global aqua feed producer BioMar’s new Blue Impact diet. Loch Duart is the first salmon producer to use the Blue Impact feed, launched by BioMar last year. Mark Warrington, Managing Director of Loch Duart, said: “BioMar’s holistic approach …

Loch Duart salmon on a wooden board

Loch Duart on the menu at Downing Street Coronation celebrations

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Loch Duart, which has small-scale, low impact salmon farms based in the remote communities of North West Scotland, was on the menu at the Coronation Big Lunch at 10 Downing Street (Sunday 7th May 2023). The smoked Loch Duart salmon is from Valley Smokehouse, known for supplying Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, and other high-end restaurants, and was delivered by Flying …

Hazel Wade is Loch Duart's new Operations Director

Loch Duart promote Hazel Wade as new Operations Director

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Loch Duart has this month (March 2023) promoted Hazel Wade as their new Operations Director with immediate effect. Hazel has worked with Loch Duart, which supplies their unrivalled Scottish Salmon to the world’s finest hotels and restaurants, for over 18 years. She has been Operations Manager with Loch Duart since 2019 and brings 20+ years of experience in the aquaculture …

man on beach with barbecue

Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson cooks Loch Duart salmon on Oldshoremore beach with smoke and fire

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In the second of Loch Duart’s new films about their unrivalled Scottish salmon, Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson @feast_on_fire shares his passion for the Sutherland beaches and waters where he cooked outside with his dad as a boy and where Loch Duart salmon are born and raised. Following a career in Michelin star restaurants Bruce travelled extensively in South America where he …

Lewis Bennet, Cleaner Fish Manager, Loch Duart

Blog: Trialling a natural habitat for happier, healthier cleaner fish

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Fish welfare lies at the heart of everything we do at Loch Duart, with our team providing dedicated care at each stage of life for our salmon to ensure they grow to be the fittest and healthiest fish they can be. This commitment to a lifetime of care extends beyond our salmon, to our stock of cleaner fish which swim …

Loch Duart launch their new brand

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Loch Duart has introduced its new brand to celebrate its premium positioning in the market and show pride in  its Scottish roots. The first major change to its brand since it was founded over 21 years ago, Loch Duart engaged specialist brand and packaging design agency, Hunger, to handle the project. Andy Bing, Loch Duart’s Sales Director talked about the …

Kerry MacPhee – Reflection on 2019

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As we look back at 2019, we reflect with tremendous pride on the incredibly rewarding year our Brand Ambassador Kerry MacPhee has enjoyed, finishing this year ranked number 2 in the 2019 National Female Elite MTB XC (Mountain Biking Cross Country). It’s been a year which has seen Kerry travel the length and breadth of the UK, journey to other …

A Guest Blog – London South East College

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We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to host three groups of catering and hospitality students from London South East College.  We are extremely proud of the next generation of catering students who look to improve their skillset and gain valuable insight into the source of their ingredients.   Loch Duart Farm Visit Guest Blog by London South East …

Kerry’s Meal Plan

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Breakfast Jumbo Oats  Soya/Almond Milk Frozen Blueberries Banana Greek Yoghurt Ground flaxseeds or mixed seeds Honey Jumbo oats made in the microwave for speed with soya or almond milk. Then add frozen blueberries for the last minute in the microwave and when it’s done chop up and top with a banana. Add a dollop of greek yogurt and sprinkle with …

Kerry MacPhee Thinking Nutrition

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Everywhere we look right now, we’re faced with a message that tells us that being thin is good. There are advertisements on how skinny tea or miracle pills can make you slim and ploys on how to get an Instagram worthy body. These advertisements are being viewed while Love Island rolls out another series in the background.  We are missing …