Loch Duart, Sutherland farm site in coastal waters

Natural Methods


Loch Duart Salmon, pioneering natural solutions for fish welfare.

Unlike big industry we prioritise a natural approach to fish welfare.

You can view videos on Loch Duart’s natural methods for raising their salmon at: https://bit.ly/49PDUIm

Cleaner Fish

Not only do we raise salmon we raise Ballan Wrasse too. We combat sea lice populations through our cleaner fish programme…deployed at every site as our primary method of defence.

Our wrasse are carefully sourced from registered fisheries throughout the UK. We are also at the forefront of researching farmed cleaner fish for the future.

Our wrasse live alongside our salmon and are cared for with their own habitat and feed. When the wrasse are happy, we see the lice-eating behaviours keeping levels naturally low.

Use of Freshwater and  no to antibiotics

We do not use antibiotics on any of our farms. We believe in a natural approach for fish welfare.

Atlantic Salmon are amazing creatures that can thrive in fresh water as well as sea water. To help combat the challenges presented by climate change, we provide our salmon at sea with regular freshwater baths. This natural treatment has an amazing therapeutic effect on the fish and helps keep their gills clean and healthy.

Combatting climate change

The changing climate means sea temperatures are not only rising they are staying warmer long into the months where we’d normally expect to see the water cooling. Algal blooms and oxygen depletion thrive in these conditions and present a real challenge to salmon farmers.

To overcome this, each Loch Duart site is equipped with state-of-the-art aeration systems. This technology helps boost water movement at our sites and draws the cooler, oxygen rich water from the lower depths, greatly improving the water quality for all our salmon.

Fish husbandry isn’t just a job for us, it’s a cherished craft. Our hands-on approach to salmon farming means that our salmon receive the greatest care and respect at every point of their lifecycle.

That’s why it’s unrivalled Scottish salmon.