5 Desserts That Go Perfectly with Loch Duart Salmon

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Loch Duart Salmon has a delicate, light flavour. It is a healthy lunch or dinner option, not as rich as red meat or as filling as a pasta dish. Salmon dishes can be difficult if you are trying to find a complementary dessert. Chocolate dishes can be too rich and overpowering. Instead, select a dessert that enhances and builds upon the flavours of the salmon dish. Here are 5 delicious dinner party dessert suggestions for you:

Key Lime Pie / Lemon Meringue Pie


The slight bitterness of the lime and sweetness of the filling will excite your tastebuds after a flavourful Loch Duart Salmon & Hendricks Gin dish.

Fruit Sorbet


One of our favourites after a Loch Duart Salmon dish is a lemon basil sorbet. Sorbet helps cleanse a delicate palate. Blend one pint of prepared lemon sorbet with around ten basil leaves. Then refreeze and serve when ready! If you’re not keen on basil you can replace this ingredient with mint.  Sorbet would go well after succulent Loch Duart fish cakes. 



Wanting a fresh perspective? Citrus is a great palate cleanser after a Loch Duart Salmon dish. Even better, put some passion in your Loch Duart dish and pair it with some passion fruit!  Loch Duart Salmon Ceviche 



Did someone say honey? Parfait will go well with any dish, especially when it’s blackberry parfait, honeycomb and apple sponge. 


Speaking of honey, our Teriyaki Salmon Skewers are made with Scottish Heather Honey. Have a look at our visually impressive skewers! 

Creme Brulee


Make a citrus impression with their bitter Orange Creme Brulee. This silky custard contains elements of orange zest, offering a delightful dimension, enhancing the sweet taste.