Special Recipe for Loch Duart Salmon from Executive Chef, Alan Gibb of Gleneagles Hotel


    Loch Duart Salmon - allow 150-170g per portion with skin

    Water - 500ml

    Sea salt - 50g

    Demerara sugar -50g

    Juniper berries -2g

    Rice noodles – 30 g

    lemon - 14g

    sherry vinegar 75ml

    peppercorns 1 tsp

    bay leaves - 1ea

    shallots sliced - 75g

    carrots sliced - 75g

    white radish sliced -75g

    celery peeled sliced -35g

    fennel trimmed sliced 75g

    chopped shallots 25g

    white wine -25ml

    fish stock -50ml

    unsalted butter - 50g

    szhewan pepper 12 pcs


Loch Duart salmon
Brine the salmon over night or minimum of 8 hours
Soak noodles in cold water
Drain well and fry in hot oil creating a disk
Drain on paper and hold for service

Add shallots to vinegar and reduce until evaporated
Add white wine and reduce by half
Add letsh stock, szhewan pepper, bay leaves and reduce by half
Add butter and emulisfy – keep warm

To serve
Smoke the salmon for 8 minutes until translucient
Warm the vegetables and put on plate and top with salmon
Cook pakchoi and top salmon
Top with rice noodles
Add basil to sauce and serve

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Prep: 10 mins

Cook: 15 mins

Serves: 4