Loch Duart on ITV Tonight


Loch Duart appeared on ITV Tonight (September 23rd 2021) to talk about their work with Oritain to fight against food fraud in protecting their unrivalled Scottish salmon.

In the programme titled ‘What’s Really in Our Food?’ presenter Helen Skelton said:

“Loch Duart based in the Scottish highlands, is highly regarded across the world for its fish.”

Adam Gray, Loch Duart’s Marketing & Communications Manager, was on one of our farm sites and explained:

“The salmon you see here today are from our Scottish broodstock which can be traced back to the wild fish that swam these sites over 40 years ago. Not all farmed salmon is the same. Loch Duart is known by the top chefs around the world for its distinct taste and texture, and it’s not something that’s easily replicated.”

ITV Tonight talked about the partnership between Loch Duart and Oritain, as Helen Skelton highlighted that:

“…(Loch Duart) was alerted to an issue from buyers who were concerned about the trust and traceability of their salmon and lower quality salmon was being mis-sold at their own, a potential food fraud. The company partnered up with a tech team who were able to create a forensic fingerprint of salmon, based on minerals it absorbs in water.”

Adam detailed the methods used by Oritain which:

“…allows us to test the salmon anywhere in the world and tell what part of the water it has actually come from. Testing acts as a deterrent in the market place. It essentially acts as a TV licence van out at the end of the driveway, putting off people from fraudulently passing off their salmon as ours.”

Loch Duart has recently introduced Oritain’s forensic testing capabilities into one of the company’s biggest marketplaces the French food trade and restaurant sector.

The ITV Tonight programme can be viewed at the ITV Hub till Saturday, 23 October 2021.