A Loch Duart salmon is like no other

We focus on farming the very best salmon we can. So we'll leave you in the hands of some of the very best chefs to tell you about its taste.


Taste the difference

It’s thrilling to see what the top chefs are able to do with Loch Duart Salmon.

And they all have their reasons for choosing our fish.

“I like to use quality Scottish salmon fed on as natural a diet as possible. I get this from Loch Duart.”

Gordon Ramsay

(Gordon Ramsay is, of course, correct – we’ve been involved in some momentous progress in the salmon feed industry. And we continue to strive for better.)

“I have used Loch Duart salmon for many years, because I believe they are the gold standard in fish farming.”

Raymond Blanc

You’re welcome to read more about our farming ethos, as we think it’s crucial to what makes a Loch Duart Salmon great.

“This is the closest thing I have ever seen to a wild salmon.”

Rick Stein

Rick Stein’s observation is no coincidence. Everything from our feeding to low stocking density is targeted towards producing consistently healthy and tasty fish.

And this consistency has brought us some very revered, loyal customers.

“Over the past three years, we have used salmon from Loch Duart exclusively.”

Corey Lee, Chef de Cuisine, The French Laundry

We are very grateful for all our loyal customers across the globe.