Three great reasons why Loch Duart salmon should be on your menu

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At Loch Duart, in the far north west of Scotland, we’re very proud of what we do. We work hard to produce the very best fish and we want to share with you three great reasons why Loch Duart salmon should be on your menu.

The Taste

Taste is everything! At Loch Duart we focus on farming the very best salmon we can. Everything from our feeding to loch stocking density is targeted towards producing consistently healthy and tasty fish.

And it works. Our salmon is served up in some of the finest restaurants in the UK, Europe and beyond and is mentioned by name on the menu. This year loyal customers, including Gordon Ramsay, Paul Askew at The Art School Liverpool, Raymond Blanc and Rick Stein, will serve our salmon either regularly or seasonally.

Salmon is a versatile fish and we absolutely love seeing the dishes chefs come up with using Loch Duart salmon. Have a look at our taste the difference page to see some of their truly inspiring creations, as well as just a few of the reasons they choose us as a supplier.

Our Sustainable Approach

Our approach to salmon farming follows natural processes as far as possible.

Low density rearing, minimal intervention and respect for the environment coupled with an innovative approach to environmental stewardship, feed and welfare has consistently made us different since we started in 1999.

Our pioneering research and development team work tirelessly with the sole purpose of finding better ways to farm. Loch Duart was the first to involve the RSPCA in aquaculture and the first to have a standard salmon diet specifying sources of fishmeal on a sustainability basis.

You can read lots more about our ethos and innovation on our site.

Loch Duart is located in a beautiful and remote area of Scotland that is home to a range of important wildlife species. In our farming region there are Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and protected areas. We are privileged to work amongst this amazing combination of wilderness and conservation areas.

We also work hard to be a good neighbour by supporting our local community in Sutherland. We’re part of a range of projects in Scourie, including sponsoring the local football team and kickstarting funding for the Greenpower Goblin car project. You can read more about these here.

The Mark of Quality

Scottish Salmon – including Loch Duart’s – has held the French Government’s Label Rouge award for 25 years. This is an honour given only to products of superior taste and quality. Loch Duart is unusual as being the only Label Rouge supplier of Scottish Salmon who raise all 100% of our stock according to the strict quality criteria set out by the French authorities. Label Rouge Scottish salmon was the first non-French food AND the first seafood product to join this prestigious group.

Loch Duart is sold wherever consumers are prepared to spend more on better quality food. The French market is a significant market and we are deeply proud to serving this great food-loving nation. This year Loch Duart sales are surging ahead in two other key foodie nations – Italy and Spain.

The recognition of Label Rouge in France is a reassurance to our customers. Loch Duart dedicates its farming experience and expertise to farming better in harmony with the environment which, in turn, will improve the taste and quality of our salmon.