The King of Fish

Salmon have long been known as the ‘King of Fish’

Salmon are an integral part of Scotland’s rivers and seas, symbolising its natural beauty and splendour. Loch Duart salmon bear a strong similarity in appearance and structure to wild salmon. Our fish are slim and torpedo-shaped with fully developed fins and large powerful tails. Our fish are unique because of the careful breeding we undertake from our own broodstock and the care and welfare standards we farm to.

Food lovers and chefs alike will tell you that the flavour of food varies with the seasons. At Loch Duart, we believe this is something to be embraced. Our Loch Duart salmon vary in size, flavour and texture throughout the year. We respect natural cycles and prefer to let our fish grow naturally, at their own pace.

Modern life seeks conformity of size but farming in harmony with nature doesn’t allow that and so we don’t either! Fish buyers don’t expect consistent sizing of wild cod nor wild salmon and better farming systems produce diverse and varied sizing but extraordinary quality.