Our Ethos

Rearing extraordinary salmon

At Loch Duart salmon we provide a lifetime of care for all our fish. From egg to harvest the salmon’s welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Loch Duart salmon are not simply reared on our farms – our farms are purposely designed around our salmon.

Our farming experts have developed a suite of principles about how best to farm. These principles come from careful observation of our salmon and allow us to design our farms and practices around them, creating the best farms and rearing the best salmon in the process– not by trying to make the salmon fit to our specifications.

These principles and practices combine to form our farming ethos which covers every aspect of our business; the hatchery where our salmon begin life, the environment where we rear our salmon, the use of high quality specialist fish feed, low density stocking practices, fallow techniques, regular checks and monitoring, and our constant efforts to lead the industry forward innovating in ways that benefit our salmon.

Loch Duart salmon is only farmed on our sites – our farming is small scale farming – scaleable, repeatable, consistent.

Sticking to our principles enables us to rear Scottish salmon that are truly extraordinary, and adorn the menus of the most exclusive restaurants around the world.