Swimming through the seasons

Foodies will tell you that the flavour of food varies with the seasons. At Loch Duart, we believe this is something to be embraced.


Our Loch Duart salmon vary in size, flavour and texture throughout the year.

Most months we have all sizes but sometimes we do not. It is painful to have to let a customer down but we can only farm with what nature allows.

At Loch Duart we would love to produce the same size of fish every day of the year but nature doesn’t do that so we don’t either. We know that to make all fish the same would satisfy our customers demand but it could not be done whilst still producing great tasting fish. We want to grow fish with the environment and at the pace they want to grow at. We want them to have as good a life as we can give them.

Nobody expects a wild cod or salmon to be the same size, so why would we expect farmed salmon to be?

We could take all of the smaller ones out and harvest them later but then there would have to be a large amount of handling, creating stress and damaging the wonderful taste. So we are left with the simple strategy of harvesting the whole population and accepting that variation is natural and normal.

We regret that our customers may find that our sizes vary but we hope that, in time, our customers will come to see this as a strength. We want to work with our salmon not make them do what we want. The aim is to produce a naturally grown fish with a great taste.

Just like lamb and mutton, flavour develops with time and size, so it does in our fish. As with different ages of farmed animals the flavour of our salmon varies as they grow, requiring different recipes.