You are what you eat

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Wild salmon don't feed regularly, so here at Loch Duart, we do everything we can to recreate the natural environment while maintaining our extraordinarily high standards.

Salmon Feeding in the Wild

In the wild, salmon can go for long periods without eating – but when they meet a shoal of prey, they gorge themselves.

This is hardly surprising because a wild salmon cannot know where its next meal will come from.

Loch Duart Salmon Feeding – On The Farm

In a farm it is hard to replicate a wild food regime, but we can make sure that the fish’s stomach gets a rest from feeding mimicking the gaps between salmon finding shoals of prey in the wild.

It goes without saying that the feed we give them is mainly marine protein and oils, mostly derived from fish and we have agreed with Isfelag, Iceland’s oldest company, to use Capelin as a key ingredient. In the future, sustainable feed may also be derived from plankton, phytoplankton (microalgae) or even insect protein.

Natural Principles of Salmon Feeding

Whatever we feed our fish will be as close to the natural diet of salmon as we can achieve, whilst meeting our principles on the environment. It is probably self-evident to say that we have never and will never use growth promoters. Loch Duart has never used antibiotics.